Rock Bands in History

Rock ‘n Roll is the common term given to a style of music, in the early years it came out from blues and country music, while a shift in youth expression and rebellion, the strumming of rhythms developed with a faster pace and energy. The genre pushed boundaries and created entirely new styles of rock music such as heavy metal, punk, grunge and folk.

The origins of rock music started in the 1950’s in the United States, through a variety of black musical genres such as rhythm and blues, gospel music and country. The first rock and roll record was debated as Goree Carter’s Song “Rock Awhile” in 1949. While a few years later came Elvis Presley it has also been argued as one of the first rock and roll artists.

By the 1960’s, The British got a swing of things and had latched onto the Rock n Roll style of music, developing their own characteristics. In the same decade an explosion of new sounds were produced such as The Rolling Stones, they were much more influenced by blues music, folk and reggae unlike The Beatles, they were interested in making music that was a fusion of Rock and Roll, R&B and doo-wop, which developed into a pop-rock or known as Beat music.

Rock music spread all over the world through the next decades’ bands from Australia AC/DC, Queen from the United Kingdom to The Runaways from the United States was one of the first all-female rock bands. Many of these Rock bands over the decades have challenged and pushed music leaving a mark in rock music history.