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Shiftin Gear +4

October 4th AOR Heaven release the ‘Shiftin’ Gear‘ CD  in their Classix series, remastered + 4 bonus tracks and  liner notes by Dave Reynolds.
Don’t miss out on these 4 never released Bohus Studio pre production versions – as played by the original lineup (#2).

25th anniversary release

On May 22nd EMI Music Swe release the 2CD deluxe edtion ‘Alien – 25th Anniversary‘. AOR Heaven notes: (
“Possibly one of the finest European AOR releases of all time  – 25th anniversary edition containing both the Scandinavian-  and re-mixed US version, digitally remastered incl. liner notes,  2 bonus tracks.” /AOR Heaven

“Even though the ALIEN debut is 25 years old now it has lost nothing  of its magic. In particular the two anthems ‘Only One Woman’ and  ‘Tears Don’t Put Out The Fire’ are still a wet dream for any AOR fan.
This reissue contains the original Scandinavian version with Jim  Jidhed on vocals as well as the later US-version with new singer  Pete Sandberg on vocals on some songs. Furthermore the re-release contains the two bonus tracks ‘Feel My Love’ and ‘Touch My Fire’
which make this album even more essential. So all I can say is,  go and get your copy asap!” /M. Späth

Swedish Metal Classics

25th March marks the EMI Music Swe release of the campaign Swedish Metal Classics (incl the 4 Alien re-releases). 24 albums, 10 of them haven’t been available since the 80’s.
The 16 track compilation album “Lost, Hidden & Forgotten”  feature each band in the campaign. View EMI press release»