Guns n Roses Style Icons

Ever since Guns n Roses dropped into the world of hard Rock music, they have made a huge impact influencing and inspiring generations with their music, charisma and style. The band started out in Los Angeles, California. From the mid 1980’s Guns n Roses stepped on to the covers of magazines, posters and appearing on MTV.

During this time there were many rock bands musicians all competing. Many artists in the 80’s felt that they needed to have a style that was bold, over the top with make up, fur coats and fancy costumes to stand out. At the time this was the expectation in the music industry for artist and bands. They believed that musician had to look dramatic. But gunsnroses took the opposite approach they dressed down and put less effort into their look. They focused on the music they were making which was the most important aspect.

Guns n Roses stood for counter culture and they were not interested in the mainstream or fitting into a normal mold. Their sense of style was casual simple leather jacket with T-shirt, sneakers with leather pants, bandanas and top hats. They had merchandise at their concerts. T-shirts with prints, guns, skulls and red roses are typical of their symbols. Even though they tried not to fit in, the fashion trends began to follow Guns n Roses style dressing down was the new cool. Eventually they cared even less. Band member Axl in 1991 had gone from wearing a Scottish kilt to going on stage with nothing but white tight shorts while ripping into the eclectic guitar. By doing this Gun n Roses showed that they had their own personality and that they didn’t follow the system. Through the years they have become fashion icons influencing many musicians and fashion houses, making them a style icon.