9 Interesting Facts on Motorhead’s History

Considered as one of the giant heavyweights in rock and roll music motorhead, is an English heavy metal band from London, formed back in 1975. They have been known over the decades as the band that pushed the rock genre into new spheres. They were the originals that started playing fast rock guitar, strumming the strings and singing like beasts, roaring into the microphone. Some of the most interesting facts in the years of Motorhead.

1. Frontman Lemmy Kilmister at the age of 16 had gone to see The Beatles and Cavern perform in concert, and was thus inspired to start his own band.

2. Lemmy Kilmister also worked at Woodstock for Jimi Hendrix as a roadie and embracing the rock and roll lifestyle.

3. During the many years in hard rock scene they released a total of 22 studio albums. The album released in 1982 called Iron Fist, was named after the Marvel comics.

4. The album cover of Motorhead’s Overkill record sleeve was created by artist Joe Petagno, who only had a week and a half to finish the design.

5. During the years Motorhead was an active band, they have had a total of ten band members, one of whom stayed with the band from the very beginning to the end Ian “Lemmy Kilmister

6. Their most popular song smashed records “Ace of Spades” hit the charts in 1980.

7. In the mid-1970’s they originally formed as a rock and roll band, but soon immersed themselves in heavy metal and speed metal.

8. In 2018, the remaining members of Motorhead are reuniting to perform concerts in honor of the late lead man. They will perform tributes songs that made the band popular.

9. Over the decades Motorhead has performed in front of millions of people and fans, having played concerts all over the world.