NetEnt Slots: How Cooperation is Set to Revolutionize Gambling

When it comes to gaming software for casinos, NetEnt is the king. Since its inception (some 22 years ago), the developers seem to concentrate on attracting more people to gambling – both online and offline. But the real challenge here is to retain the clients that dare to place bets on slots.

Ideally, the things that entertained people one year ago, may not be so exciting now. Apart from a few exceptions here and there – a situation that causes sleepless nights for investors in the gambling business.

But from the look of things now, that challenge seems to be somewhat out of the way. Thanks to the innovative cooperation with other stakeholders in the entertainment industry.

The entry of branded slots

Branded slots are the real deal when it comes to keeping punters interested and entertained. Typically, a collaboration with unforgettable movies does the trick. An ingenious move designed to ride on the success of certain films.

The first ever collaboration was with Universal Studio’s Scarface, in 2011. The results? Nothing short of fascinating. It attracted attention, and of course, raked in generous profits. As a result, several other collaborations followed (with different movie makers), the latest one being Jumanji Video Slots.

Based on the original Jumanji movie, the game is expected to grab the attention of gamers worldwide. But why settle for such an old film? The reason is simple; it continues to generate revenue for its owners more than 20 years after the initial release. So they thought it could be a good idea to ride on that success too.

The future of the casino business

If past experiences are anything to go by, collaborations are here to stay. However, online casinos are slowly transiting from traditional methods of presentations to 3D virtual casinos. This move is expected to take the slots experience to the next level.

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