Metallica 80’s Tour History

There are just a hand full of heavy metal bands that have remained active and full of passion for their music. Metallica is famous and they are known internationally for their unique aggressive tunes, thrashing guitars and drums. Over the decades they have changed members but kept the band’s original sound of Metallica. The band was formed in Los Angeles, United States in 1981. They have since continued performing in front of thousand of fans to sold out shows.

Their very first live show was in 1982 at Radio City Anahiem; they were a new band at the time and still taking their music to audiences. A year later they went on there first concert tour to support their new released album Kill ‘Em All. The Album made it up to 155 in the Billboard charts, even though they did not make financial success in the beginning, instead a fan base underground started to grow in the metal scene.

In 1984, Metallica played supporting act for Venom for The Seven Dates of Hell, they performed in front of 7000 people in Netherlands. Also in the same year Metallica had its first tour in Europe performed in front of 1,300 people.

By 1985 Metallica was gaining audiences in the United States as they released their second album Ride the Lightning, they went on tour in Oakland, California were they performed in front of 60,000 people.

Between 1986 and 1987, their third album Master of Puppets was released. They went on to tour in both America and Europe. Unfortunately in 1987 the bass guitarist Cliff Burton was killed in a bus accident in Sweden, the tour was paused. Later the band regrouped to continue as they toured.

From the modest beginning to the early 21st century Metallica has still continued to perform across the globe. They have inspired countless of people through the generations with their heavy metal music.